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Pfister Adjusting, Inc. Public Adjusters will help you when disaster strikes your home or commercial building!

Pfister Adjusting

Serving, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, please contact us, we can visit your loss location.

Hello, my name is Brian Pfister, President of Pfister Adjusting, Inc.

Pfister Adjusting, Inc. has been serving the public since 2007. In 2019, we won the Pittsburgh Business Choice Award for our services.

Through my years of experience, I know your loss is devastating. It not only affects your property, but challenges you physically and mentally as well.

Pfister Adjusting, Inc. offers a personalized service. We will help and walk you through the seemingly never ending winding road of your insurance claim. Contact us for your free in person consultation. I have been there, we may be the best phone call or email you could make.

I Invite You to Read and Enjoy Our Website.

We have chosen common language to explain how the insurance process will work. The more you understand the process you are about to be thrust into, the better prepared you will be. If this is your first claim or need to brush up on some insurance lingo, please visit our “Defining Words” page for some common definitions of insurance terms that must be defined.

This Company Was Formed in 2007, Due to the loss I Suffered Personally.

Many years after immediately receiving less than $2,000.00 for my loss, I learned, fought and received the nearly $50,000.00 for my loss. I learned many things through this struggle.

The largest lesson from all of this was, the insurance carrier didn’t single me out. The insurance company didn’t say, “Hey I see Brian Pfister suffered a loss, let’s get him!” That would be crazy to think they did that. After all, insurance companies would never do that.

I ran with that lesson and formed Pfister Adjusting, Inc. in 2007. Since then,  we have been representing claim after claim for the public, resulting in higher settlements for the thousands of people we have helped. Make sure to look at our testimonial page to see some of our previous results.

Proud member of F.A.P.I.A. (Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters).

F.A.P.I.A. is the largest Association of Public Insurance Adjusters in the country. Pfister Adjusting, Inc. is very proud to be a member of this Association of public adjusters. Meeting twice every year for industry updates on ever changing laws and updates, keeps Pfister Adjusting, Inc. competent to get the best settlement available for your claim.

We Work For You and Want What is Best For You.

Have you suffered a loss on your home or business? A large loss is devastating, emotionally as well as physically. You do not have to go through this process alone. Let us collect the amount you deserve from your insurance policy. Call us first, we can file your claim that day. In addition, we will evaluate, document, and create a custom and comprehensive estimate for your insurance carrier. We then use this documentation to prove your loss’s dollar value.

If we start early enough on the loss, we can also help you with the process of procuring temporary housing or setting up a temporary business location nearby to retain business continuity during the repair period, if your policy provides such coverages.

All of our work product will lighten your burden of proof so that your insurance claim will not only be covered easier but will immediately put you on the road to a better settlement.

What if you already filed your claim, you may have even cashed your check?

That’s okay, we can still help. Contact us, we can help you on the right path to getting you back to where you were before the loss. That is called indemnity.

Indemnity is our goal. Pfister Adjusting, Inc. is inspired to see each and every policy holder return to pre -loss condition.

A Public Insurance Adjuster is on your side and can help immensely. Studies show when one hires the professional services of a public insurance adjuster for a major catastrophe, the insured could receive 400 to 500% even up to 747% for their loss. (Percents are from an O.P.A.G.G.A. report special study.)

A public adjuster works in your best interest as a home or business owner. We will work with you and your insurance company to settle your loss as per the insurance policy that was purchased.

We are highly qualified to protect your interest no matter what your loss: lightning, fire, water, tornado, hurricane, wind, frozen pipes or an appliance break.

There are no up-front costs.

We will never ask for any fees up front. If we review your claim and decide to represent you, our fees will be paid from additional funds we collect for you.

Pfister Adjusting, Inc. is only paid if they recover money on behalf of the policyholder.

Pfister Adjusting, Inc. is able to maximize the settlement by reviewing coverages and damages that often get overlooked by insurance companies.

Even after our contract is signed, if we collect zero dollars, the insured does not owe any money at all.

Contact Us, Consultations Are Free.

Let us show you how we can help your claim receive the best settlement possible for the policy you paid for.



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