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Appraisers and Umpires

Pfister Adjusting, Inc. Certified Appraisers and Umpire Services.

We are Certified by the I.A.U.A.- The Insurance Appraisal & Umpire Association.

We are honored and proud to have the I.A.U.A.’s designation of C.P.A.U.- Certified Property Appraiser and Umpire.

We have successfully completed and have met the Standards of the National Certification Board.

Appraisal is a Condition of  Some Insurance Policies.

What do you do when your insurance carrier demands appraisal?

We are a competent resource for your appraisal.

When you or your insurance company demands appraisal, contact us to find out how we are able to walk you through the process.

Appraisal is a method of settling insurance claims which some insurance policies include, others do not.

Both the insured and the insurance company hire a competent appraiser. The two appraisers will meet at the loss location and review the loss. They will find out the details of the loss that are in dispute.

Then the two appraisers will estimate the losses from their own point of view and should be able to discuss the loss details of the claim and negotiate a settlement.

The Appraisers Are Not Able to settle the claim, Then What?

When appraisers are hired and are unable to find common ground to settle the claim they come to a stand still and the claim is still not settled.

When a claim reaches this point, an umpire is decided on and  hired. The umpire will meet with the two appraisers and force a settlement. An umpire WILL choose where the claim’s dollar value will settle. The claim’s direction and final settlement rests in the hands of the umpire alone. Choosing the right umpire is very important to your claim.

An umpire’s decision is made final, the appraisal award set, and the insurance carrier will pay that amount to the insured.

The insurance claim is settled and made final.

The Cost of Certified Appraisers and Umpire Services.

The cost for this process is typically 10% of the award to the appraiser.

Umpire fees are split fifty fifty between the insurance carrier and the insured. Umpire fees are difficult to gauge as they range greatly from claim to claim.

How Long Will This Process Take?

The answer is very vague. Appraisals in an officially declared disaster zone may take much longer due to the vast amount of claims to settle. Whereas, a single isolated claim may go much faster.

This process will typically take months to get appraisers together,  process the information about the claim then actually receive the check from the insurance carrier.  The appraisal process is usually faster than a law suit which could be two years.

To find out more about the I.A.U.A. please visit their website,

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