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Adjusting Process Overview

Pfister AdjustingYou purchase your insurance policy, typically from an insurance agent, who may be a neighbor or a lifelong friend. Insurance agents work to ensure their clients have the proper coverages for their home and other insurable possessions. You pay premiums to your agent each month for coverage, but have you ever considered what happens in the event of a loss?

If you have never suffered a loss before, you may be surprised to learn that your agent is not the person estimates the loss. Even more surprising, the agent has nothing to do with settling claims. They collect premiums, but they do not have much control of the claim process for medium to large claims.

The Company Adjuster Assesses Your Loss

Instead of your insurance agent handling your claim, a company  or independent adjuster is brought in to assess and estimate the value of your loss, which will ultimately determine the value of your claim settlement. An independent adjuster is one which does not a company employee but is one hired temporarily by the insurance carrier to protect their interest in your loss. Even though either adjuster could be hired to estimate your loss, for our purposes, they are both hired by the company and from now on they will be referred to as a company adjuster.

A company adjuster will listen to the policyholder about the loss and will look for words that could determine whether the claim should be paid or denied. If the wrong words are spoken at the wrong time, the adjuster may be given the opportunity to deny the claim. That’s right, it is possible a home owner not realizing which words to use could cause an adjuster to deny a perfectly legitimate claim.

Denied Claims?

A denied claim would end here and a company adjuster would say “We will send out a denial letter in the mail.” Generally this is where a claim would end.  Pfister Adjusting, Inc. has overturned denied claims and have collected the funds needed to repair the damage. However, claims may have been properly denied and those claims will stay denied. If you believe your claim has been denied unfairly, contact us. Let us be the judge.

Assuming the claim is not denied we will move forward.

The company Adjuster Estimates Your Loss

The adjuster will then create an estimate using their training from the insurance carrier. Adjusters are trained differently by different companies. Insurance carriers train their adjuster with training methods referred to as “best building practices”, or similar verbiage. This training  becomes the  insurance company’s policy of how claims are to be estimated and paid.

It is essential to keep in mind that these company policies may not be identical to the insurance policy/contract for which a policyholder pays premiums.  It is my opinion from years of experience, this is where the difference in coverages could lead to a lower settlement.

Although one may think there is nothing to worry about with a company adjuster, consider whether the company adjuster is adequately trained to handle your claim and if the adjuster’s motives align with yours to ensure you get the settlement you are entitled to.

Just like the insurance carrier, you can hire your own adjuster, like Pfister Adjusting, to ensure your claim is handled fairly and with your best interest in mind.

Please review our testimonial page of our website to see a few differences we have made for our clients.

What Happens After You Hire Pfister Adjusting, Inc.?

First, we will meet with you in person to review your claim. We will then meet with your adjuster and assess all the damage to the structure, making sure it is included in the adjuster’s estimate.

When necessary, we can create a custom estimate of damages for each loss. When this is complete, we will use it as support documentation to gain the best settlement for you.

If Pfister Adjusting, Inc. is hired quickly to a claim, we can meet the adjuster for their first inspection. Starting early and being present for the first inspection, enables us to inform the carrier’s adjuster of all known damages from the start, so that both adjuster start off on a better understanding of the loss.

Bringing both estimates closer, in the beginning, helps the claim move forward for a quicker and more complete settlement, producing the best settlement for your loss. Without Pfister Adjusting, Inc. you may be forced to accept a low settlement, leaving you without funding for proper repairs to your home or commercial property.

The Company Adjuster Already Assessed Your Loss, What Now?

Pfister Adjusting, Inc. can be hired at any time during or even after the adjuster has closed the claim or if you have cashed the settlement check.

General Public Misunderstanding is the Claim is Finished When the Check is Cashed.

Please read the entire check before any insurance check is cashed. DO NOT CASH checks with paid in full or final payment statements on them.

We can reopen a claim, revisit the loss and the estimate. Then we will work to negotiate the best settlement available for your loss.

If you have already signed a release for your claim, we will not be able to reopen it. A release is a separate form, which if signed, makes it clear and memorable that you are officially finished with that claim.

Comprehensive Services Take the Hassle Out of Handling Your Claim

We will take care of all the phone calls, emails and inspection meetings to settle your claim, leaving you with more time to handle your career, home, and family. We will serve as your primary point of contact and many times; you will not be required to speak with your insurance carrier during the settlement of your claim.

We represent the policyholder and will work diligently to ensure you receive the best settlement for your claim. Pfister Adjusting will handle your claim professionally, applying our extensive expertise to ensure you receive the best settlement available.

From the start of a claim to its final settlement, Pfister Adjusting, Inc. will be there for you. Don’t be left with a low settlement, unable to make the necessary repairs to your home or business, contact Pfister Adjusting, Inc. today to learn more about how we can you the settlement you deserve.



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