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Fire Damage Claims Pittsburgh

Suffering a financial loss from fire damage claims in Pittsburgh can be devastating.  After ensuring the safety and well-being of your family, what steps do you take?  How do you know you will receive what you rightfully deserve?  Do you even know what your homeowner’s insurance policy covers? Moving forward can seem overwhelming, but it is necessary, especially if you have become homeless due to the damage.

As an advocate for residential and commercial policyholders, Pfister Adjusting, Inc. helps those that are trying to navigate their insurance policies, while trying to file a claim.  It is our unwavering dedication and commitment that makes Pfister Adjusting, Inc. the right choice to help you.  Our team strives to lessen the burden associated with documenting a claim, providing evidence and negotiating what you rightfully deserve.  If you have already submitted a fire damage claim and are unhappy with the outcome, we may still be able to help.

Pfister Adjusting will provide the following services when dealing with your Pittsburgh fire damage claim:

  • Interview the claimant and witnesses
  • Visit the site of the fire and assess the damagesFire Damage Pittsburgh
  • Thoroughly document damages
  • Photograph all evidence
  • Identify any hidden damages that may surface later (For example, the smoke caused by a house fire in winter may appear to be gone—until summer, when the house becomes warmer and the smell of smoke begins to emit from the walls.)
  • If housing is needed, ensure that a replacement house of equal value is provided
  • Consult with experts for additional information
  • Evaluate current coverage
  • Estimate and present damages
  • We will present our custom estimate to your insurance company
  • Negotiate with your insurance carrier

We, at Pfister Adjusting, Inc. constantly work with fire damage claims in Pittsburgh.  Our goal is to have your damaged property return to pre-loss condition with as little impact as possible on your daily routine.  If you are in need of our assistance with your claim, please call our highly qualified team at 412-719-6200.



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