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Understanding Your Insurance Policy

Taking the time to understand your insurance policy is often overlooked until an occurrence takes place. If you have not made sure that everything you thought was adequately covered, you may find yourself dealing with unexpected financial loss.

Having insurance reduces your exposure to a potential occurrence and guarantees some form of compensation for a specified loss or damage.  From homeowners insurance to life insurance, there are many different types of policies. Trying to familiarize yourself with your insurance policy may not be the most exciting read, but it is important for ensuring you are covered.  Not only can the language used be confusing, but often it is ambiguous. Pfister Adjusting, Inc, public adjusters in Pittsburgh, not only help you with property damage and various other claims, but we are available to help you understand your policy and interpret your coverage.

Sections of an Insurance Policy

Knowing the different parts of an insurance policy will help you break down the material a little easier.  The common sections of an insurance policy include:

Declarations Page

This first page, often referred to as the “Dec Page”, provides basic information about your policy, such as:

  • Insuring company
  • Insured persons
  • Period of coverage
  • Risks and property covered
  • Amount of insurance
  • Applicable deductibles


Common terms used throughout an insurance policy are explained in this section. Definitions for the following words may be included:

  • Claim
  • Deductible
  • Effective date
  • Peril Policy
  • Premium
  • Renewal


This section details information on the insurance that is provided.  It includes items and damages that are covered.  For example, if your Pittsburgh property has suffered damage, referencing this section will give you an idea of what will be covered in your claim.


As a policyholder, you must pay special attention to the exclusions section of your policy.  A public adjuster, like Pittsburgh’s own Pfister Adjusting, Inc. can provide valuable insight into this section of your policy.  Exclusions describe the coverage limits of your policy and how coverage may be eliminated.


This section outlines the responsibilities of the insurer and the insured.  Some items discussed may include cancellation policy, transfer of rights or duties and the payment plans.


Endorsements are considered amendments to the policy.  They may be attached to the original agreement.  This section also includes explanations for optional coverages that are available for an additional premium.

Don’t allow the ambiguity of an insurance policy prevent you from investing in coverage. Nobody lives a risk-free life. It is a huge and costly gamble to not be insured.

Public Adjusters Can Assist Before Damage Occurs

If you are in need of assistance understanding your insurance policy, you do not need to wait until an event takes place or damage has occurred.  As a public adjuster, Pfister Adjusting, Inc. provides insurance assistance to clients in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas before, during and after a property damage or other claim is filed.  Pfister Adjusting, Inc. works on behalf of the policy holder and is here to help you return to your pre-loss condition.  If you need help understanding your insurance policy, contact Pfister Adjusting, Inc. at 412-719-6200.



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